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Grantmaking Funds

The I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation makes two kinds of grants: Board Grants and Regional Discretionary Grants.

1. Board Grants
Board Grants are concentrated in the Foundation’s current areas of interest. These areas are established in response to perceived needs in society, and therefore change from time to time. Priority will be given to programs that are broad in scope, those having more than local influence or serving as models for replication.

Board Grants are made by invitation only.  Please do not submit unsolicited requests or letters of inquiry to the Foundation.

2. Discretionary Grants

Discretionary Grants are made at the initiation of individual Board and Family Members, primarily for the benefit of the communities in which they live. These grants do not necessarily reflect the current funding priorities of the Foundation, but rather the diversity of philanthropic interests of the Directors. Unsolicited inquiries or proposals will not be considered.