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Current Funding Interest

Quality education lays the foundation for the success of children, families, communities, and our society as a whole. The I.A. O'Shaughnessy Foundation is concerned that too many schools lack sufficient resources; that students in high-poverty areas have lower achievement scores, higher drop-out rates, and lower rates of college graduation; that low-income families lack the resources to choose better schools; and that the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing.

The Foundation has set its current funding interest to help address these critical matters of public concern.

Current Funding Interest

The Foundation is currently interested in making Board Grants to:

Support high quality education that prepares students

in disadvantaged communities for educational and life success.

We fund organizations that:

•  provide support networks

•  remove impediments to student success

•  are broadly supported by the community

•  have a record of demonstrated success


The Foundation is especially interested in funding endeavors that are:

•  broad in scope

•  widespread in influence

•  high-impact

•  innovative

•  replicable models

Grant Categories

The Foundation does not limit itself to specific grant categories or program areas. It funds organizations that address needs and effectively solve problems using multiple approaches or multi-faceted solutions.

Type of Funding

The Foundation makes grants to provide for these organizational expenditures:

  • highest priority is given to programs and projects
  • consideration is given to capital campaigns and endowments
  • funding is provided for operations when it makes a significant contribution to meeting the Foundation's current funding interest


Grants are made by invitation only. 

Please do not submit unsolicited requests or letters of inquiry to the Foundation. 

Thank you